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Let Loose - Jasmine silver needles (1oz)

Let Loose - Jasmine silver needles (1oz)

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I just need some love forever, after all...

This tea is especially close to our hearts. It is our founder’s fiancé’s favorite tea, named for their chosen wedding song. It looks and feels like a gentle snowfall, but the spring kind we get here in Colorado. Refreshing and cozy all at once.

Silver needles is a special type of white tea, plucked only from the top, unopened bud of the tea plant. Historically, it was reserved for the emperor in China, and only served in his court. Now, it is available for us commoners to enjoy, and the addition of Jasmine brings such a lovely perfume to this delicate and comforting tea.

Contrary to popular belief, silver needles is actually high in caffeine, even more than most black teas. This is because caffeine was evolved in plants to be a defense mechanism, particularly to ward off birds and flying insects from eating the plant. So the top most buds on the plant will keep the most caffeine, while the lower leaves will convert it into other useful chemicals. 

Sold by the ounce (1 oz = 8-10 8oz cups of brewed tea, more if leaves are reused. Click here for information on re-steeping)

Unless otherwise stated in order notes we will package multiple quantities of the same product in one bag.

5% of each sale is donated to the Trevor project to support LGBTQIA+ youth, year round. Love wins, and you deserve to be comfortable and confident in your love and your identity.

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